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Newport Terrace Gatherings - Homeowners Network

a private website for Fotos, Facts & Fun

This is a very unique and unusual place for anyone and everyone to share their photos ("fotos"), facts, and fun experiences about Newport Terrace, in general. It is not meant to answer specific questions, be a political entity, nor a place to express your dislikes and/or complaints.

Furthermore, "Facts" in this case, are simply as you and I see them, and as it pertains to Newport Terrace and the surrounding areas. As with everything else in this website, this will simply be the personal opinions of myself and/or others.

Finally, as the Founding Director of Mastering... Newport Terrace Gatherings - Homeowners Network, I will make the final decisions as to what will and what will not be included here within these pages. However, this will be just as much your website as it is mine, so submit your pictures ("fotos"), articles, ideas and suggestions to:


                                                    John Sisker


Thanks you so very much; I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Newport Terrace Gatherings - Homeowners Network

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