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In Town...

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Environmental Nature (Collage)
Newport Beach Pier (Collage)
Civic Center (Shutterfly)

Civic Center Habitat (Shutterfly)

Civic Center Park (Shutterfly)
Whale Watching (Collage)
Lido Island (Collage)
NB Yesteryear (Smilebox)


Around Town...
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Santa Ana Zoo (Smilebox)

Chocolate Factory (Smilebox)
Lyon Air Museum (Smilebox)
GG Historical Society (Smilebox)
Shipley Nature Center (Collage)

Trump Golf & Resort (Collage)
Harvest Restaurant (Collage)
Gondola Getaway 1 (Collage)
Gondola Getaway 2 (Collage)
Knott's Crafts Fair (Collage)
Oceanside Harbor (Collage)
Downtown Brea (Collage)
Caspers Park (Shutterfly)
Irvine Park 1 (Collage)
Irvine Park 2 (Collage)
Jess Ranch (Collage)
Glendora (Collage)
Tar Pit 1 (Collage)
Tar Pit 2 (Collage)
Solvang (Collage)
Disneyland Railroad (Smilebox)


Around the State(s)…

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American Queen (Shutterfly)

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Pacific Northwest Cruise...
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Magnets (Smilebox)

Flight to PDX (Smilebox)

Paperwork (Smilebox)

Hilton (Smilebox)

Market Place (Smilebox)

Around Town (Smilebox)

City/Night (Smilebox)

Onboard - American Express (Smilebox)

To Astoria (Smilebox)

Astoria (Smilebox)

Astoria Maritime Museum (Smilebox)

Locks (Smilebox)

Back Onboard (Smilebox)

The Bridge (Smilebox)

Up the Lazy River (Smilebox)

Multnomah Falls (Smilebox)

Google/Behind the Locks (Smilebox)

The Dalles (Smilebox)

Portland, Oregon (Smilebox)

Our Flight Home (Smilebox)



All Around the World...
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Our Travel Magnets (Smilebox)
Blue Grotto Boat Trip (Collage)
Monte Carlo, France (Collage)
Villefranche, France (Collage)
A Day On The Farm (Collage)
St. Peter's Basicila (Collage)
Le Meridien Hotel (Collage)
La Velletta, Malta (Collage)
Barcelona, Spain (Collage)
Monaco, France (Collage)
Corsica, France (Collage)
Palermo, Sicily (Collage)
Fishing Village (Collage)
Island of Capri (Collage)
The Colosseum (Collage)
Disney Magic (Collage)
Nice, France (Collage)
Naples, Italy (Collage)
Eze, France (Collage)
The Vatican (Collage)
La Spezia (Collage)
Florence (Collage)
Pisa (Collage)


Viking River Cruises:
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-- Paris to the Swiss Alps --

1. Documents & Airfare (Smilebox)
2. Videos (Smilebox)
3. Trains/Trolley (Smilebox)
4. Trip From the Airport (Smilebox)
5. Battle of the Buldge (Smilebox)
6. Motor Coach to Hotel/Ship (Smilebox)
7. Le Meridien Hotel (Smilebox)
8. Aerial Paris (Smilebox)
9. Paris Sights (Smilebox)
10. Viking Hild (Smilebox)
11. Wheelhouse (Smilebox)

11A. Up & Down the Rivers (Smilebox)
11B. Locks (Smilebox)
12. Bernkastel, Germany (Smilebox)
12A. Vineyards/Museum (Smilebox)
13. Cochem, Germany (Smilebox)

14. Koblenz, Germany (Smilebox)

15. Speyer, Germany (Smilebox)

16. Strasbourg - Walking (Smilebox)

16A. Birds & Brochures (Smilebox)
16B(a). Science - German Space Museum (Smilebox)

16B(b). Science Museum - Outside (Smilebox)

16B(c). Science Museum - Inside (Smilebox)

17. Strasbourg - Bus (Smilebox)

17A. Rhine River Waterfall (Smilebox)

17B. Zurich, Switzerland (Smilebox)

17C. Lake Zurich (Smilebox)

18. Renaissance Hotel in Switzerland (Smilebox)

19. Bakery (Smilebox)

20. Magnets (Smilebox)
21. Castles (Smilebox)

22. Beauty is Everywhere (Smilebox)


Carnival Cruise Lines:

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-- 2018 Christmas Hawaii Cruise --

1. Our Christmas Card (Smilebox)

2. Hawaii Travel Magnets (Smilebox)

3. Preview of Coming Albums (Smilebox)

4. Metro/Carnival - Start (Smilebox)

5. Embarkment (Smilebox)

6. Around The Ship (Smilebox)

7. Up On Deck (Smilebox)

8. It's The Food (Smilebox)

9. Maui Ocean Center (Smilebox) 
10. Scenic Maui (Smilebox)

11. Honolulu (Smilebox)

12. Tenders (Smilebox)


Travel Magnets Photo Album (Smilebox)

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